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Puerto Viejo is officially called Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, as that is the area in which it is located. It is a small coast town with very strong Caribbean influences as many of its inhabitants are Jamaican or from Jamaican descent. This Caribbean influence is part of what makes Puerto Viejo such an attractive place to visit. The vibe is very laid-back and the inhabitants are very friendly and welcoming.

You will immediately feel the relaxed vibe when entering Puerto Viejo. Surfers catching waves while tourists and locals relax on the beach and watch them, people enjoying food and drinks at the restaurants and bars and tourists scouring the local stalls is what you will see when walking through Puerto Viejo. When walking through the center expect to hear a lot of reggae or reggae-influenced music coming from the bars, restaurants and shops.

From Puerto Viejo can easily visit the Cahuita National Park, Talamanca Indian Reserve’s and the Wildlife

Refuge Gandoca-Manzanillo. Besides its proximity to the Pacuare river makes available to the visitor the

opportunity to tour one of the most famous rapids of Costa Rica, surrounded by incredible natural beauty where you can do rafting.

In Puerto Viejo’s call the music is irresistible, especially at night where many bars and restaurants enliven the atmosphere with Reggae and Calypso luring tourists to take a short but fruitful dance lessons and enjoy the warmth of the Caribbean night.

I still do not know this wonderful heavenly place? And what are you waiting for?